Create a healthy and engaging online community.

Safeguard your community against abuse, spam and bots, creating a safe online space to unlock growth with our Conversational AI platform.

Trusted by brands around the world.

Your brand is at risk

Roughly 4 in 10 people have experienced online harassment, according to Pew Research.

33% of people say they’ve encountered offensive or derogatory content on brand-owned social media pages with a third of customers saying they would walk away from a brand they loved after just one bad experience.

A poorly managed online community could be that one bad experience.

Pattr can help you take back control

Take back control with Pattr

Our Conversation Health system makes managing your online community a breeze.

Leveraging our powerful Conversational AI technology, it automatically identifies and categorises every post and comment – letting you focus on what matters.

24/7 protection from abuse, harassment and toxicity while detecting scams, spam and bots for immediate actions.

Cultivating an online community is a big job

Even the most well-resourced teams find it a challenge to stay on top of moderating multiple online channels.

When operating at scale, that challenge can seem impossible. Pattr has been designed for speed as well as scale, with powerful automation to support your team.

Configurable rules working alongside bespoke AI models allow you to fine tune your content moderation to hide comments, messages and media in seconds or less.

Cultivating an online community is a big job
How Pattr works to protect
Pattr AI content detection

See Pattr in Action

Want to safeguard your brand, team and audience from toxicity, spam and
negative behaviour across your social conversations?
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