Trusted by brands around the world.

Elevate customer experience
at every stage of the journey.

Sales & Marketing

Increase organic reach and engagement by 40%.

Engage customers with conversational marketing, helping your brand acquire leads and stand out through interactive experiences that truly connect.

Virtual Assistants

Customers spend up to 50% more time with brands who use our conversational experience.

Empower customers with always on, intuitive smart assistants, meaning you are there for customers where and when they need you.

Alerts & Notifications

70+% consumers prefer communications, reminders and updates via messages.

Notify customers with personalised, proactive alerts and instant communications through their preferred channel.

Customer Support

Automate 60% of customer service processes.

Provide instant responses with a personalised hybrid human AI experience, and route complex enquiries to improve satisfaction.

Boost efficiency

Optimise your
communications with an
omni-channel platform that
grows with you.

Manage your workflow and streamline your processes in a way you can scale. Build, test and evolve your conversations anytime, and create fully automated smart virtual assistants. Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, including CRMs, apps, and social media channels.

Conversation Health
Team working together on a shared desk
Multiply effectiveness

Simplify your operations and free your people to have the conversations that matter.

Effectively manage all customer enquiries across multiple channels through one unified inbox. Prioritise and assign conversations in real time. Blend intelligent automation and human interaction to reduce resolution times, lower staff attrition, and improve customer satisfaction.

Strengthen empathy

Meaningfully connect with
customers to make the most of every opportunity.

Better support your staff in a true hybrid working environment with your teams and AI working and learning side-by-side. Understand what your customers really want with sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and intent recognition.

Broaden understanding

Develop a deeper
understanding of your
customer needs.

Use advanced conversational metrics to learn what trends are impacting your business, and generate new insights about what matters most to your customers. Identify emerging trends and how to better support your customers and employees.

See Pattr in Action

Pattr brings you closer to your customers.

A conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand conversations between you and your customers, in real-time and at scale.

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