Every business conversation should have purpose and impact.
We power, enable, enrich, 
and help brands understand customer conversations in real-time and at scale.

We’re about more than marketing, sales or customer success. We’re incredibly proud of the way we’re able to help people. Our clients have better relationships with their customers and people get the information they need when they need it.

Right now, we’re a small and tight-knit team with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and LA. We’re often described as a high-tech, AI start-up on a rapid growth path and we’re excited to see our team expand!

Our core values

Happiness, health & family

Never lose sight of what really matters in life, we’re here to enjoy what we do. As hard as we may work, we should always have our happiness, health, and family.

People first. Respect, empathy & courtesy. 

The people around us should always be our first priority — that is, our team, our partners, and our customers.

Openness, respect & transparency

We all bring different opinions and perspectives. Be mindful and respectful that we are all coming from a different place.

Always understand why

Don’t lose sight of the big picture, keep asking why until you have clarity.

Shared beliefs

We should all agree with the guiding principles and values of what we’re looking to achieve. Be ready and comfortable to speak up when we have a concern.

Take pride in everything you do

Always deliver something you are happy to put your name to and stand behind.

Leave it better than when you found it

Nothing will ever be perfect and we will never have enough time, but we look to improve it little by little.

Our hiring process

We’re people first, and it’s really important to us that we have a great culture, especially while the team is so small. We also want Pattr to be a great place to work as we continue to grow, so ensuring we have the right people to get us there is critical.

We feel it’s important to recognise that not all cultures or languages might express things in the same way. We respect and seek to proactively accommodate for this. Below is an outline of what you can expect during our hiring process so that you can prepare. We’ve also provided information on our culture and our core values. For each role we’ll specifically outline what our requirements are and what you can expect from us in the job description.

Discovery Process

Upon submission of your CV and cover letter, we’ll assess the application against a set of criteria determined by the needs of the role. This may be done internally or by a recruiter.

First Round Interviews

A conversation-style interview with either our CEO or CTO and the role’s team lead. This is where we look for culture fit – we want to know about what makes you you, what you’re passionate about, and what are all of the experiences that have brought you to the point you’re at today. We also want to make sure you have the space to ask questions about us, our story, where we’re going and make sure Pattr is a place you’d like to work.

Second Round Interview

A more formal-style interview with the team lead and department head. In this interview we’ll ask you a range of behavioural and situational based questions. We’re looking for examples of how you dealt with past challenges and approached different situations in your previous roles.

Final Round Interview

Held with the team lead and our CEO or CTO, this interview usually involves a small task or problem to solve prior to the interview. For example, if you’re an engineer, we might get you to write a piece of code. If you’re applying for a sales role this might be the conversation flow you’d take a client through. This is designed as a skills assessment and we’ll ask you to walk us through your solution, process, and thinking around the task. We will also share our processes and how we work.

Decision and Offer

We’ll take the time to collect feedback from the team members involved in your interviews and come back to you with a decision. We’ll present you with an offer and we can finalise contract details and logistics.

Current opportunities