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FOSI Event Blog Preview Image

Four things about online safety we learned at the FOSI 2022 European Forum

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Pattr wins Silver Award for Re-design Blog Preview Image

Pattr’s rebrand takes home silver at the 2022 Better Future Melbourne Design Awards 🥈

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E-retail conference blog (preview image)

Exploring the new world of online selling at e-Retail 2022

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Rewarding Your Superfans Preview Image

Rewarding your superfans

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LLM vs Micro models Preview Image

Large language models vs micro models – the great debate

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Spam/Bot comments Blog Preview Image

Here’s how Conversational AI can help you tackle spam comments on social media

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8th Anniversary blog preview image

Pattr is 8 years old! Here are some of our favourite projects

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Three Takeaways From The Internet Retailing Expo 2022

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Mumbrella Sports and Entertainment Marketing Summit Event Logo

Four things we learned at Mumbrella’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing Summit

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Sports Abuse Header Image

How AI can help prevent abuse of sports players on social media

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Man holding his phone up with his Instagram profile on

Take your Instagram to the next level with Pattr

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Pattr launches Superfans, an AI solution for rewarding your biggest brand champions

How AI can help artists and creators identify their superfans

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