Battlefield 2042: Building Hype For A Huge Game Release

Making one of the biggest video game launches of the year into an unforgettable social media experience

“Working with Pattr gave us the confidence to run an interactive social media campaign featuring thousands of live submissions, without fear of brand damage.”

- Battlefield Social Media Team

A huge launch

When Electronic Arts was planning its campaign to launch Battlefield 2042 in 2021 — sorry, that’s a mouthful — the stakes were undeniably high. 

The last title of the blockbuster first-person shooter game, which competes with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise for eyeballs and thumbs, was released in 2019. EA needed to get players pumped for the newest installment, set on a near-future battlefield with futuristic weaponry.

The publisher needed Battlefield 2042 to cut through the noise on social media, get buy-in ahead of the launch, and — most importantly of all — have players be excited to jump back in after they were done with Battlefield V, which stopped receiving updates in 2020.

Battlefield Image

Large, interactive social media campaigns can be a challenge

Large-scale, interactive social media campaigns for major brands are hard, full-stop. It’s why you rarely see sophisticated interactivity out in the wild. The risk of brand damage from bad actors is high — so why not play it safe? When you’re talking about an iconic series like Battlefield, with millions of passionate players and fans around the world, it becomes particularly challenging.

EA wanted to do something that sounds relatively simple on paper: let users on Twitter generate custom Battlefield banner images featuring their favourite operators and titles for the game. Fans would engage with the Battlefield Twitter account, selecting their preferences for their generated banner images using the correct hashtags, and receive an image in real time. They could then apply it to their Twitter account and boom: they’d have a viral campaign brewing.

But with that simple proposition comes a lot of built in complexity. What would happen if fans started generating banners with inappropriate content? That would mean having Battlefield branding slapped all over something potentially offensive and harmful — not a good look for EA.

At the scale the campaign would be running at, human moderation wouldn’t be feasible. The core Battlefield handle has over a million followers alone. You could have thousands of accounts engaging with it at the same time, and players expect a rapid response. Social media is fast, and on-platform marketing should be too.

In short: a simple, interactive idea could quickly spiral into a disaster for the brand without the right solution.

Battlefield Case Study Image

Delivering results at scale

First, the basics. We deeply understand interactive marketing on social media, and have image generation technology we can rapidly deploy in service of a campaign like EA’s. Pattr has the capacity to execute and manage multi-stage interactive experiences like the Battlefield banner generation at scale.

But it wasn’t just about pushing out the images. Pattr’s Conversation Health engine ensured that the thousands of images being generated by users around the world weren’t going to cause any risk to the brand. 

The AI would assign risk based on the accounts interacting with the Battlefield handle using a robust filter list. The process was entirely automated and hands-off.

Thanks to Conversation Health, EA could rest assured that brand damaging content wouldn’t slip through the net, even when the submissions were flying thick and fast. The system is entirely customisable, and brands are able to define just how strict or lenient they want it to be.

In EA’s case, the filtering was very strict for maximum safety — which led to a small handful of stakeholders requiring a manual push to get through the system. Pattr worked directly with EA to make sure those valid interactions were actioned. Conversation Health is flexible and scalable to a brand’s needs.

Thanks to Pattr, EA was able to process thousands of these image banners for Battlefield fans. Here were the results, by the numbers:



Battlefield 2042 was always going to be one of the biggest game releases of 2021. With Pattr’s help, EA was able to turn a huge launch into an interactive social media experience, keeping fans engaged and dispersing the brand all over Twitter.

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