Innovating to support the R U OK? mental health conversation

We collaborated with a leading mental health awareness charity to promote their national day of action on Facebook and Twitter.

“We believe a conversation can change a life. Thanks to Pattr’s Conversational Ads for Facebook campaign, we’ve been able to effectively share our message with even more people.”

- Gennie Sheer, COO of R U OK?

How to start the most important conversations

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives.

We joined forces for a third year to deliver three exciting pieces of content for R U OK?Day on 9 September 2021:

  • A Twitter like-to-subscribe campaign to build the initial audience and awareness for R U OK?Day.
  • A conversational ad experience on Facebook messenger to build an audience for R U OK?Day webinar.
  • A personalised meme generator for everyone who RSVP’d on Facebook to help them start conversations in their community. 

Pattr used these tools to build an interested audience in the lead up to R U OK?Day. 

Then, we converted that interest into conversations by directing them to a dedicated landing page on the R U OK? website or the Facebook meme generator. 

4 key steps to follow when asking someone if they are okay

Conversational ads: the ultimate warm-up act

In its 13th year, the R U OK?Day team wanted to ensure their message reached as wide an audience as possible. And where better to do that than Facebook, which counts 64% of Australians as active users?

Conversational ads are a great way to move past likes and clicks and deliver significant ROI on ad spend. 

They help warm up your audience — then, we use tools like sentiment analysis to determine when they’re ready to be sent to the next stage to act on the conversation.

Conversational Ads for Facebook helps organisations have the right conversations first time, every time. Instead of having to direct people to the same automated dialogue, organisations have complete control over which conversations launch when a user interacts with their ads.

We also helped R U OK? deliver on their objective to reach more people with information about mental health, steadily increasing engagement from the 2020 campaign:

  • More than 33% of people who expressed interest then attended the Facebook event .
  • The tweet gained some 2,244 likes, 600 retweets, and 606 comments.

By supercharging Facebook and Instagram ads, we enable organisations to link their audiences to genuinely relevant, real-time conversational experiences via Messenger.

R U OK Day Analytics Screenshots (in-text image)

Innovating to deliver an important message

Pattr and R U OK? have worked successfully together on unique social media engagements for the last 3 years, and our campaigns have been recognised at the Social Media Marketing Institute’s Awards. 

Each year, we bring innovations to the relationship to help the  R U OK?Day messaging stand out from their usual social media reach and impressions.

We’re already thinking about what we can do for next year, including deploying our Conversation Health tools to tweets to analyse sentiment and reach people who need help. 

Would you like to expand your reach with Conversational Ads for Facebook? Contact us to find out more.

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