Reach more customers by driving real-time engagement and one-on-one conversations with your brand.

Save time for your team

Automate responses to customer enquiries and provide your team with insights to address the more complex ones.

Improve experience

Instantly qualify leads and direct them to relevant, effective content, helping to serve customers, close more sales, and build lasting brand loyalty.

Increase conversions

Supercharge your Facebook and Instagram ads by linking them to intelligent, real-time conversational experiences via Messenger.

Conversational Ads for Facebook

Generic conversational experiences leave customers feeling frustrated and brands unfriended.

Conversational Ads for Facebook helps brands to create targeted, effective conversational experiences through Messenger by connecting users to the content they’re interested in.

Woman on train

Deliver important, personalised information to your customers on Facebook and Messenger when they need it. Enrich your channels with an intelligent chatbot that qualifies leads so your employees can apply their skills to converting them.

Team working together on a shared desk

Multiple channels, multiple conversations, one inbox. Respond to all customer enquiries from one place. Move seamlessly between intelligent automation and human interaction – the perfect blend for timely and effective responses.

Facebook Feeds

Pattr’s Facebook Feeds uniquely tailors Conversational AI to a broad range of needs, such as Conversation Health and Superfans. With powerful automations and streamlined workflows across channels, Facebook Feeds help manage conversations and engagements with customers and fans. 

It also offers valuable insights and analytics on Facebook Feed events that will help organisations make more impactful decisions.

53% of people say they are more likely to shop with a business that they can message directly1

R U OK?Day - 9 September 2021

Supporting mental health conversations

We collaborated with a leading mental health awareness charity R U OK? to promote their national day of action on Facebook and Twitter.

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