Plug-and-play Apps, Modules and Extensions to
rapidly build out your business conversation

Apps & Integrations
Email Handover

Hybrid Human-AI conversations, an email when a user wants to chat.

Facebook Handover

Hybrid Human-AI conversations on Facebook.

Out of Office

Display an out of office message a certain days and times.

Form Capture

Lead generation, customer surveys, feedback & custom forms.

Incident Message

Display an incident message as the first message a user sees.


Real-time transport integration for disruptions alerts.

Live Voting

Real-time conversational contestant voting.


Distribute coupons & codes to power competitions and giveaways.

Email Notifications

Receive emails of user responses at specific points in the conversation.


Live sentiment analysis and entity extraction.

Broadcast Alerts

Multi-channel broadcasts alerts distribution.

Facebook Profiles

Use Facebook User profile data in conversations.

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