It’s time to change your Facebook status.

Supercharge your Facebook and Instagram ads by linking them to intelligent, real-time conversational experiences via Messenger.

Launch automated conversations that directly correspond to the content a user has clicked on and connect people to what they’re looking for. Instantly respond to enquiries, qualify leads, and build a deeper connection with people that drives lasting brand loyalty.

Generic chat no longer cuts it

Brands are increasingly using Facebook Ads to connect users to automated conversational experiences, but those conversations rarely leave users hitting the ‘like’ button:

  • 2 different users see 2 different Facebook adverts by the same brand
  • Both click to find out more via an automated conversational experience on Messenger
  • A generic dialogue is launched for the first user, while the second user sees information that is relevant to the ad
  • After 15 minutes answering irrelevant questions that don’t correspond to their interest, the first user finally finds the content they were looking for OR much more likely, they’ve already given up

Generic conversational experiences are leaving users feeling frustrated and brands unfriended.

Introducing Conversational Ads For Facebook

Conversational Ads for Facebook helps brands to create truly effective conversational experiences through Messenger by connecting users to the content they’re interested in.

Instead of all users starting out on the same Messenger dialogue, Conversational Ads for Facebook works out which part of the conversation they should be directed toward, based on the ad they clicked on.

Enjoy complete control over which conversations launch when users interact with your ads.

Instantly qualify leads and direct users to the content they actually want.

Save time for your team by automating responses to customer enquiries and providing them with insights to address the more complex ones.

Capitalise on users’ interests by building a deep and lasting connection with them.

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