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Organisations often struggle to display the most relevant information to their customers who are searching for specific articles or information when using their chatbot. 

Traditional knowledge bases limit them to showing one closest matching article — and even then, there’s plenty of room for error. 

Our ‘did you mean’ function steps in when a query is too vague, or there are closely related articles in the knowledge base.

If the initial response isn’t right, Pattr’s natural language understanding (NLU) offers additional articles to a customer, allowing them to locate the information they are seeking easily and quickly.

Cut through the noise

  • Train your organisation’s Knowledge Base to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Pattr NLU scans the inquiry for context and what the customer intends, not just what is written — filtering out things like typos and double meanings.

Your customers start a conversation and click on ‘did you mean’ if the information isn’t relevant to their query.

Deliver with confidence

Set your own confidence threshold ratings, meaning that depending on your customer experience model and the nature of inquiries, you can offer a narrow or broad range of alternatives that appear in the ‘did you mean’ function.

Knowledge Base works with your expertise and preferences through the confidence ratings you have pre-assigned to articles and product guides — which you can easily test and change through our interface at any time.

Welcome to the Knowledge Base



Pattr works with your organisation’s encyclopedia to serve customers the information they need.



Allow customers to find the information they want, quickly and easily.



Free your team to handle complex inquiries and improve service metrics.



Set the confidence threshold to suit your organisation’s requirements.


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Need to know lingo

What’s all this jargon?

Natural language understanding (NLU) is the branch of natural language processing (NLP) that handles unstructured conversations — the kind that humans make (complete with slang, spelling errors, and misunderstandings) — that computers don’t always understand. 

NLP processes text literally (it reads what was written), while NLU extracts context and intent (it reads what was meant).

A knowledge base (KB) is an organisation’s encyclopedia, containing information such as product guides and FAQs. In the context of Pattr Conversational AI, businesses can upload their ‘encyclopedias,’ creating a central place where their customers can find the information relevant to them via a conversation. 

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