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Pattr now integrates with Google’s Business Messages

With 75% of consumers preferring to engage with brands over private messaging channels, Google’s Business Messages is the powerful new way to meet customers where they are.

A better way to chat with customers

Where do customers start when they’re looking for products and services? Google. But finding relevant information takes time, and this is the point where you risk losing their business altogether. Not only is live support over the phone costly to businesses, but it often falls short of customer expectations. In fact, 75% of consumers prefer to engage with a brand over private messaging channels versus traditional channels1.

Now, there’s a better way — introducing Google’s Business Messages.

Meet customers where they are

Revolutionise user experience with an instant conversation from the first time a customer interacts with your brand. Think of allowing customers to schedule appointments at any time of the day or night, immediately connecting users with the right area of your business, instantly qualifying opportunities for upselling, and building deeper connections that turn your customers into promoters.

Google’s Business Messages empowers customers to find the answers they need quickly, and allows businesses to turn those conversations into sales.

Google's Business Messages

Hands-on assistance

Customers will find a Business Messages chat icon when they use Google Maps or Google Search on their phones — a simple launch pad to start communicating with your brand. They may have searched “find my nearest auto dealer,” be looking for the next train to leave their stop, or want to check holiday opening hours for a clothing shop.

Google’s Business Messages Dive in

Clicking the chat icon will take them into an instant conversation with your business. Here, we work with you to develop an authentic, bespoke dialogue.

Multi-channel  Multi-channel

Because these connections set a high bar, our white glove service also allows you to apply these conversations to any channel.

Trend Better data

We also record how customers are starting conversations via Google — which means that you know how your customers are getting to where they want to go, and provide the right information.

Rich features

Google’s Business Messages enhances customer care with rich features and functionality to support a customer’s journey and drive purchases:

  • Carousels and photo cards for deeper engagement.
  • Smart reply chips for faster communication.
  • Personalised support by connecting to a live agent.

If you’re ready to engage customers more effectively, get in touch with us.

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