Guiding Principles on Privacy, Security and Trust

Guiding Principles on Privacy, Security and Trust
Writing less in business is generally much harder than writing more. Vision and mission statements, tag lines and legal documents are good examples.

A bloated vision doesn’t set the business on the right course, just as lengthy and complex legal documents are (almost by design) inscrutable to mere mortals.

You still need a well written, legally vetted Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Nothing changes this — GDPR is real thing, your business cannot ignore it.

What we’ve undertaken may be out of reach by most early stage startups and clash with some of their revenue ambitions but stepping back from the practical implementation, you should always try to follow your guiding principles.

The essence of openness, privacy and transparency can be applied at all scales of business. It’s not just up to the large companies to adhere to these policies or take the attitude of ‘we’re not big enough to worry about that yet’.

Users of our products, our customers or even our customers’ customers are opening their eyes to how their data is used and how it influences what they see on a daily basis. I see an ad when I open my phone but don’t make the connection that I was browsing holiday locations a few days ago.

We’re not advocating for the dismissal of some companies entire revenue streams. We are saying a user should have the right to clearly and simply understand the actions they’ve taken have been recorded and are now influencing the ads and content they’re seeing.

All businesses should have openness, privacy and transparency as their founding values, from day one. Our message to the new generation of businesses out there being started everyday; look to have a positive impact and create value. Do this with the core guiding principles of your Customer’s best interests are your best interests.

I’m sure there’s more we (as Pattr) can do as a business and there will always be areas we can improve. We see that as a challenge we’re glad to take up.

Today we are making a start and sharing our open Data Policy. It’s short to the point and, most importantly — understandable.

Here’s how we are thinking about our use of customer data and communicating what we do with that data.

Guiding Principles

The underlying principles that guide the development of Pattr, the roadmap and the long term vision:

  • Our customers and your customers are not our product;
  • We believe in creating positive value and impact for your customers;
  • We believe in safeguarding your data and that of your customers;

Informed Consent

How plain and clear you can make what data is collected and how you intend to use it.

Limiting Information

Only use the most minimal data needed to provide the product and, or service.

Right to be forgotten

At the users request, you remove all identifiable data. No questions asked.

Right to portability

At the users request, you make all their data available to them.

We believe how we collect, process and store your data as an Pattr Customer should be transparent and easy to understand. We have dedicated effort and resources to ensuring we adhere to best practices or better when it comes to the safety of your brand, your customers, privacy and security.

See Pattr in Action

Pattr brings you closer to your customers.

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