#CreateBetterCampaigns: Introducing Marketing Automation for Twitter

Tweet it from the rooftops: Pattr's Marketing Automation for Twitter is here! Hundreds of brands, from Microsoft Xbox to R U OK?, have used our Pattr Conversational AI platform to engage followers on Twitter over the past few years, and we’ve extended its capabilities even further...

We’ve created the first ever tool that uses conversational AI to allow companies to build targeted, segmented audiences from a single Twitter handle, so they can seamlessly automate the content they distribute, and then measure the impact on their audience.

But before we go any further and leave people #confused, why use conversational AI in the first place? Here’s <280 characters to unpack each of the benefits for you:


For customers, time is precious. From travel alerts to special offers, automatically share relevant content with them within milliseconds – keeping them up to speed at all times.


Whether your brand receives ten or ten thousand replies to its Twitter posts, interact with your audience intelligently and instantaneously, whenever and wherever.


Grow your reach and popularity in a whole new way. Deliver complex campaigns, without creating an extra burden on your teams and engage your audience like never before.


Your customers don’t want to wade through generic content. They want content tailored to them. Personalise your posts at scale and drive increased customer satisfaction.

The point is that without conversational AI, engaging your audience on Twitter, can be time consuming, costly and challenging. Companies will often incur serious costs trying to run promotions at scale. Those campaigns are usually far too generic to influence the myriad individuals that make up the audience. The result is that the effectiveness, engagement and conversion of those campaigns remains frustratingly low, and serious revenue and branding opportunities are missed.

For most companies, there is an increasingly pressing need to generate better outcomes from their advertising or content marketing campaigns on Twitter, and generate more leads for their sales teams. Marketing Automation for Twitter is designed to help companies do just that.

So how does it work? We enable brands to create ‘trigger tweets’ that allow users to opt-in to a particular audience list by engaging with that trigger tweet on their timeline. Whether it’s liking the tweet, retweeting, or responding with a hashtag or emoji, users can subscribe to receive tailored content and information that they are actually interested in.

Building audience lists like this means an end to sending generic campaigns that aren’t relevant or interesting to different segments of a company’s audience. Instead, campaigns can be created for specific geographies, time zones and much more. Moreover, we’ve created a unified dashboard where marketing teams can see, sort and review all campaigns from one place for complete peace of mind. It’s this level of content personalisation and efficiency that significantly improves the impact and conversion rate from campaigns and content.

When combined with marketing automation, things get even more exciting. Our conversational AI enables marketing teams to distribute intelligent, automated content to those different audiences, engaging users on a vast scale, whenever, wherever. Whether it’s automated tweet updatesreminders, auto-responses or even live-streaming events, we’re saving significant time and hassle for marketing teams. Brands can now extend their reach and connect with their audience like never before.

Importantly, we’re making all this stuff measurable. Most teams responsible for digital and social marketing struggle with tools that have poor reporting capabilities, making it difficult to assess the impact of a particular campaign. Empowered by Marketing Automation for Twitter, brands can quantify the results of their spend, through our data on audience interaction and engagement. Brands can truly understand return on investment, helping them create even more impactful content and campaigns in the future.

Saving time, cost and hassle, that’s what this new launch is all about and it’s why we’ll be bringing Marketing Automation to other social media channels in the near future too.

If you’re ready to join the likes of ESL Gaming and DNC and take your Twitter strategy to the next level, get in touch.

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