We’ve rebranded! Proxima and Iris are now all found here under the one label – Pattr.

Pattr CEO appears on Startup Daily

Co-founder and CEO Seb Pedavoli was invited on AusBiz’s flagship program to talk about Pattr’s rebrand

Proxima and Iris have rebranded to Pattr 


Earlier this week, Pattr co-founder and CEO Sebastian Pedavoli was invited on business show Startup Daily to talk about our rebrand and what we’ve been up to.

A link to the video can be found here — you can see Seb’s interview with Simon Thomsen from 37m26s.

Seb spoke about the thinking behind the rebrand and our recent growth to 5 global offices in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

He also explained how we do Conversational AI differently.

“The piece that really sets us apart is we don’t see AI running independently of conversations that are happening between a business, the sales and the support reps, and the customers — the vision that we’re bringing is very much this hybrid-human AI,” he said.

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