A single place to respond to all customer conversations. Move between automation and agents to reply to enquiries from a unified inbox.

Manage conversations
at scale

Work through your enquiries in a timely manner, collaborate effectively across teams, and clear out your backlog.

Merge AI and human capabilities

Allow automation to handle simple FAQs, freeing your agents for complex and specialised conversations.


Quickly uncover sentiment, the channel of the conversation, when it started and how long it’s been lasting to help you prioritise and action it quickly.

Think about

Give yourself the capacity to run large marketing campaigns with the same workforce, and meet customer experience targets.

Unify your channels

Team Inbox

Bring together all your conversations from Twitter, Google, Facebook, Instagram, your website and other communications channels into one unified inbox

Enable your agents to respond to all these conversations from one place and even see how intelligent automation handles conversation starters, FAQs and more in real-time.

Respond to your customers faster and more efficiently, managing multiple conversations without missing a single message.

Team Inbox
Qualify leads

Seamlessly manage your conversations

Qualify leads

Streamline your workflow and prioritise based on customer sentiment, urgency and complexity of enquiry. 

See all messages on a single, easy-to-use conversation sheet. Segment them into appropriate queues such as automated responses, assigned and unassigned conversations, sales and support enquiries and even a toxic queue.

Have the ability to close conversations allowing you to understand where things are at with each customer.

Enrich your responses

Automate responses to FAQs, saving your staff for complex queries.

Easily view conversation history so you can respond to customers with empathy.

Access smart profiles offering the right information about the customer as agents respond to them.

Seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack for both B2B and B2C communications.

See Pattr in Action

Pattr brings you closer to your customers.

A conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand conversations between you and your customers, in real-time and at scale.

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