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How does it work?

Effective content moderation at scale can be a serious challenge. Here is how we can help.

Power community management with AI

Pattr’s bespoke AI models rapidly categorise content across your brand’s channels using sentiment, intent classification and image analysis. Your team will be empowered to take action instead of sifting through endless comments and replies.

Built, trained and customised for you

Every brand is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Community Health fits into your existing workflows and is trained with your brand’s language and custom business logic – like receive notifications through email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Pattr's AI Content Detection

Why choose Pattr?

Don’t miss a thing

Our sophisticated text and image analysis means that nothing slips through the net – even if it comes in the form of an image or a string of emojis. Set confidence thresholds at your brand’s comfort level.

Be everywhere

With support for all your social media platforms – you can be confident your conversations remain healthy wherever you are. Seamlessly manage them all in one place with Team Inbox.

“More than 1/3 of people say they encountered offensive or derogatory content on brand-owned social media pages, with 48% of people reporting a rise in frequency of negative commentary.”

Our Community Health solution brings sophisticated AI to your content moderation, giving you the confidence your brand, audience, customers and user are always protected. 

Leveraging our powerful Conversational AI technology, it automatically identifies and categorises every post and comment – letting you focus on what matters.

  • Hide or delete immediately
  • Mute or block unwanted accounts
  • Categorise content
  • Label topics

Supercharge your content moderation with AI

We deepen your content moderation by giving you a rich understanding of the meaning and context of what your audience is saying.

Pattr uses pioneering Artificial Intelligence systems and techniques we’ve designed to accurately understand, label and detect content, and identify when it needs to be properly actioned.

  • Generalised AI models
  • Topic models and labelling
  • URL detection
  • Language analysis

Text, media, memes and more

Content is always evolving, and the way people talk online changes constantly. Pattr ensures you’re prepared for everything from simple text to emoji, unicode, images, GIFs and memes – and even live video.

Our Conversational AI is constantly searching for and analysing complex media, and provides protection against the bad actors and bots who post it.

  • Media analysis
  • Fingerprinting
  • Meme detection
  • Bad actor and bot identification

Flexibility is the key to success

No two communities are the same.  Context is crucial in understanding what community members are saying. What is acceptable in one community might be unacceptable in another.

With Pattr, you’re able to configure thresholds tailored to your moderation needs, tune the classification responses based on inputs like sentiment, and watch out  for specific content.

That way, you can be confident your community is moderated in line with its unique culture – seamlessly.

  • Configurable policies
  • Adjustable thresholds
  • Swappable AI models
  • Classification tuning

More than just an Artificial Intelligence

Our AI is powerful and effective, but it’s still crucial your team has visibility into the decisions it is making.

With Pattr’s Unified Inbox you have clear oversight over how our AI is moderating your social channels, giving you the ability to take manual action or create advanced automated workflows.

Understanding the health of your community is crucial. We’re building powerful analytics to give you insights  about key interactions to better understand your success metrics and integrations into third-party platforms.

  • Unified Inbox
  • Automation
  • Hybrid Human-AI
  • Insights dashboard

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