Protect your community

Support your team to monitor the channels
most important to your brand and community with AI.
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What is Conversation Health?

Content harms not just organisations, but also the mental health of their employees and communities.

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In fact, 44% of all internet users said they have experienced online harassment (Statista, 2020). Current solutions in the market lack accuracy, miss context and nuance.

That’s why social media managers and customer service teams spend hours managing inappropriate comments every single day.

How does it work?

Leveraging the power and speed of multiple AI models to identify content and take action immediately.

Power community management
with AI

three layers to building brand safety using Pattr's Conversation Health tool

Classify content and moderate conversations immediately and efficiently. A tailored business tool that integrates into your workflows with the ability to adjust confidence thresholds to suit your specific needs.

three layers to building brand safety using Pattr's Conversation Health tool
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Detect, identify and classify

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Active across your social media channels using sentiment, intent classification and image analysis. Unlock bespoke AI models with specific words and phrases trained using your brand language.

Escalate, route and prioritise

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Team Inbox – one platform for responding to all customer conversations, moving seamlessly between your team and intelligent automation with multiple queues and tiers.

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Identify classified content within seconds

🗂 Image analysis and categorisation

💬 Text analysis using general trained AI models

🗣 Trained AI model using brand specific phrases

📻 Customisation and tuning of AI classifications

📈 Variable confidence

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multiple dedicated Team Inbox queues for review

😄 Detect unicode and emoji characters

“Brands lack tools that give them the flexibility needed to protect their reputation. Having worked with many high profile companies around the world, we’ve taken it a step further by empowering you to protect the stakeholders of your organisation as well.”

Sebastian Pedavoli, Co-founder & CEO, Pattr

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