Get full visibility over your conversations with customers and equip your teams with data-driven insights that will help them reduce resolution time, identify opportunities for automation, and shape better customer experience.

Figure out how your customers feel

Evaluate customer sentiment based on their language when conversing with your brand on your digital channels.

Discover their perception of your organisation based on positive or negative sentiment.

Understand what is said on your channels

Spot emerging and trending topics and key enquiries in unstructured text posted on your social media timelines.

Uncover key phrases, named and PII entities (such as organisations, places, people, dates) trending on your channels, while keeping data secure.

Keep it secure

All information stored remains your property. Data captured will not be shared or sold with third parties unless through the use of an integration you have chosen to use.

We comply with GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and more.

See Pattr in Action

Pattr brings you closer to your customers.

A conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand conversations between you and your customers, in real-time and at scale.