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Protect your brand and grow your community.

Communities are the heart of online brands –  A supportive, healthy, safe and engaged online community can transform the relationship with fans, audience and customers to drive growth and reduce brand risk.

Why Pattr

Communities are the heart of your online brand. Getting yours right can
transform your business.

Protective Actions

Take action to protect your accounts immediately with always on monitoring to hide, mute, block or delete when content and behaviour doesn’t align with your standards.

Content Moderation

Create policies that align with your guidelines, flexible thresholds to suit your community and identify phrases or terms unique to you, building a robust first line of defence.

Community Growth

Healthy growth in your community is the foundation for success, who to interact with, when is the right time engage and build repeatable motions that deliver constant value.

Revenue + Value

A healthy and vibrant community creates value for both brands and people through improved loyalty, retention, and stability while reducing costs and generating greater revenue.

Brand Safety

Building trust and minimise risk give the people and sponsors among your community the confidence you have their safety front of mind to protect everyone’s reputation.

Fraud Detection

Staying ahead of bad actors by detecting the various forms fraud that target your community in ways that are unique to you and often hidden from view until it’s too late.

Trust and Safety

A proactive duty of care by implementing business logic and escalation rules to support your trust and safety initiatives, placing the safety of people in your community first.

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How does it work?

Effective content moderation at scale can be a serious challenge. Here is how we can help.

Power community management with AI

Pattr’s bespoke AI models rapidly categorise content across your brand’s channels using sentiment, intent classification and image analysis. Your team will be empowered to take action instead of sifting through endless comments and replies.

Built, trained and customised for you

Every brand is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Community Health fits into your existing workflows and is trained with your brand’s language and custom business logic – like receive notifications through email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Pattr's AI Content Detection

Why choose Pattr?

Don’t miss a thing

Our sophisticated text and image analysis means that nothing slips through the net – even if it comes in the form of an image or a string of emojis. Set confidence thresholds at your brand’s comfort level.

Be everywhere

With support for all your social media platforms – you can be confident your conversations remain healthy wherever you are. Seamlessly manage them all in one place with Team Inbox.

“More than 1/3 of people say they encountered offensive or derogatory content on brand-owned social media pages, with 48% of people reporting a rise in frequency of negative commentary.”

Community Management at scale
is a big job

When you have a large following online, the sheer volume of interactions with your brand is a lot to keep track of.
Trolls, scammers, and bots frequently interrupt community engagement with harmful content, causing frustration with your audience.  Some will leave or unsubscribe, never to return.
Take Ownership of Your Conversations
Your Brand Could Be At Risk

Automatic Protection

However, you can protect your brand  and your community from bad actors with Pattr. By adding your social channels to Pattr, you’ll be immediately protected by our community health AI. Automating your comment moderation gives your team more time to spend engaging with your brand advocates and growing your community.

Find your Advocates

Find and engage with your biggest fans across all channels with Pattr’s Superfans add-on. 

Positive interactions with your biggest fans is a great way to grow your audience and increase sales. Get more people talking about your brand through personalised organic interactions worth sharing.

Cultivating an online community is a big job


Classified content identification within seconds

🗂 Image analysis and categorisation

💬 Text analysis using general trained AI models

🗣 Trained AI model using brand specific phrases

📻 Customisation and tuning of AI classifications

📈 Variable confidence

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multiple dedicated Team Inbox queues for review

😄 Detection of unicode and emoji characters

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