Protecting you across your social media channels

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Our Community Health solution brings sophisticated AI to your content moderation, giving you the confidence your brand, audience, customers and user are always protected.

Leveraging our powerful Conversational AI technology, it automatically identifies and categorises every post and comment – letting you focus on what matters.

  • Hide or delete immediately
  • Mute or block unwanted accounts
  • Categorise content
  • Label topics

More than just an Artificial Intelligence

Pattr gives you visibility into the decisions the AI is making in a hybrid Human-AI Unified Inbox, take manual action if necessary or automate advanced workflows.

Understanding the health of your community is crucial so Pattr is building powerful insights about key interactions to better understand your success metrics and integrations into third-party platforms to leverage the knowledge captured by Pattr.

  • Unified Inbox
  • Powerful Automation
  • Hybrid Human-AI
  • Insights dashboard

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