Generate better outcomes on Twitter by offering personalised content and experiences.

Run effective campaigns

Build targeted audiences, seamlessly automate and personalise the content you distribute, and measure the results to guide future campaigns.

Handle high volume conversations with ease

Provide your customers with answers to their support enquiries faster and hand over complex conversations for the team to deal with via one interface, no matter the volume.

Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s

Manage everything from one-on-one conversations to viral posts, as well as risks associated with unwanted content.

Three Twitter samples showcase Pattr conversational AI undertaking DNC

Conduct engaging Twitter marketing campaigns that truly resonate with your customers. Build targeted audience groups for your content in just one step, seamlessly automate and personalise the content you distribute, and measure the results to guide future campaigns.

Conversation Health

Support your users and minimise negative impact on your brand by efficiently managing scamming, phishing, bot, unwanted and offensive activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Deliver important, personalised information to your customers on Twitter when they need it. Think alerts about your services, event reminders and more. Enrich your channels with an intelligent chatbot that qualifies leads so your employees can apply their skills to converting them.

Customer Support

Multiple channels, multiple conversations, one inbox. Respond to all customer enquiries from one place. Move seamlessly between intelligent automation and human interaction – the perfect blend for timely and effective responses.

“Working with Pattr was great — the system was easy to use, the team was helpful, and we were able to add additional trigger tweets to the battleground states to help drive more engagement and earn a retweet from Barack Obama.”

– Emily Keller, Social Media Director, Democratic National Committee

Cooking Up A Twitter Storm: Helping Food Network Reach More Viewers Through Interactive Experiences

Cooking Up A Twitter Storm

Discover how Pattr’s Tournament Bracket App maximised engagement views on Twitter by creating a personalised, gamified experience that built excitement and grow the Tournament Of Champions fanbase.

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A conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand conversations between you and your customers, in real-time and at scale.