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Identify harmful content
Pattr’s AI rapidly categorises content,
letting you take immediate action.
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Bespoke AI solutions support your
custom workflows and business logic.
Support wherever your brand is

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we can help.

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Get notified through your platforms, like email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

three layers to building brand safety using Pattr's Conversation Health tool
Pattr’s bespoke AI models rapidly categorise content across your brand’s channels using sentiment, intent classification and image analysis.
Your team will be empowered to take action instead of sifting through endless comments and replies.
Display of Twitter discourse with bot replies
Content Moderation for Facebook

Our sophisticated text and image analysis means that nothing slips through the net – even if it comes in the form of an image or a string of emojis. Set confidence thresholds at your brand’s comfort level.

Battlefield 2042: Building Hype For A Huge Game Release by Electronic Arts

Pattr used its content moderation tool to make one of the biggest video game launches of the year into an unforgettable and safe social media experience by detecting, classifying, and removing harmful campaign interactions in real-time at scale. 

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A conversational AI SaaS platform to power, enable, enrich and understand conversations between you and your customers, in real-time and at scale.

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