Seamlessly integrate your Sales and Support into one flow for an enhanced customer experience

The Scene

Like many, this organisation has multiple channels where customers are able get in touch.

Their social accounts, webchat and direct messages are often flooded with enquiries for new sales, customer support requests and complaints.

These messages are coming in at any time of the day or week and it’s hard to offer consistent, round the clock support due to working hours and team capacity.

The organisation might be able to use basic keyword matching to determine the correct queue and priority of the enquiry but each is responded to manually and on multiple different platforms, making it hard to keep track of the customer and the final resolution.

Enter Pattr

Pattr acts as the first responder to enquiries across all customer channels. Enabling a consistent customer experience by guaranteeing an instant response 24/7/365.

In a chat based conversation that is tailored to the organisation’s brand and personality, Pattr analyses initial messages from customers for intent to determine whether it is a sales or support enquiry.

Repetitive and frequently asked questions are answered by Pattr using the Natural Language Knowledge Base system which frees up the organisation’s team to solve the more complex queries.

When a conversation is handed over to the team, Pattr has already determined the correct queue it should be placed in. Pattr has also pre-qualified the customer, extracted their personal information and run a sentiment analysis (prioritising where necessary) to save the team time and provide all the information they need in order to handle the enquiry seamlessly.

Once the interaction between the organisation’s team and the customer is complete, the customer can be passed back to Pattr to manage a short customer feedback survey.

If, for some reason, the team isn’t available to manage an enquiry, Pattr is configured to manage the customer’s expectations around a relayed response.

The Outcome

By implementing Pattr in a sales and customer service scenario, not only has the organisation provided customers with an instant and seamless customer service experience, it’s also reduced the cognitive load of their team as well as the amount of time required overall.

We believe that meaningful conversations lead to great customer relationships and having these in real time with your customers, at scale, can make all the difference for your organisation.

So why not let Pattr help you connect to your customers? Get in touch today.

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